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Fan Film
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19 December 2005
Christmas is on its way
Mood:  not sure
Christmas is coming up very fast, and I need to get my Christmas cards out to everyone. So many people, and so little time. My computer crashed again on Thursday, but I was able to save my data. I am off to McKeesport around the New Year's, and I hope to meet with IkuZo! Studios people there. Located in Monroeville, IkuZo! Studios West is producing a Birds of Prey fan film that looks very promising. I still continue with my plans to bring Batman 1969 to fruition. I do believe fan films have incredible potential, judging from what I have seen with Star Trek: New Voyages. The broadcasting industry needs some extra imagination, for sure, and fan films seem to provide that extra energy and imagination needed. I hope to write more in this blog over the holiday. Do have a great week!!

Posted by catfan66ny at 8:30 AM EST
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5 December 2005
Working on a screenplay
Mood:  incredulous
Topic: Fan Film
I am working on both the story line and on the screenplay to a fan film that I hope will see the light of day, Batman 1969. This movie will have as characters Batman, Catwoman, Inspector Lewis Erskine and SAC Tom Colby. All of them will match wits with The Scarecrow. And by the way, we'll see Commissioner Gordon and FBI Assistant Director Arthur Ward, too.

For those who loved the 1966 series, they may not find this project to their liking. Robin has flown the coop, so to say, and Catwoman has defected to the side of good, 32 years before doing so in the comics. However, this effort will explore how the series might have been potentially done in 1969, and as a serious show. Reaction thus far has been positive. Hopefully, I will be reporting on more soon!

Posted by catfan66ny at 3:51 AM EST
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18 September 2005
Chiller is coming up!!
Mood:  cheeky
It looks like I will be attending the Chiller Theatre event next month. Tomorrow is not only Adam West's 77th birthday, but also the 40th anniversary of the debut of The FBI. It impacts the Cat world, because Lee Meriwether belonged to Efrem Zimbalist Jr. LONG before she did to Mr. West. Sorry.

Now as for Chiller: I hate Halloween from an Oliver Cromwell perspective. Cromwell used this "holiday" as a way to mock the Catholic Church in the 1650s. From a Latin American perspective, though, things change. Latin culture uses this holiday to reconcile itself to death, and that is different. As a Roman Catholic youth, I willingly went to church on 1 November (All Saints' Day; I am now Eastern Orthodox).

But I will attend this event because I treat this as a sort of Mardi Gras event. I will provide photos of this event. And you may event see Catfan as a 1966 Catwoman henchman!

Posted by catfan66ny at 8:38 PM EDT
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24 June 2005
On course
Mood:  bright
I saw Batman Begins on Wednesday, 15 June. GO SEE THIS!!! This movie blows away anything Tim Burton or Joel Schumacher ever did. The cast is excellent, and the plot is, too.

Catwoman: Copycat has not been released yet. However, the delay is entirely justified, and I recommend that all of you PLEASE BE PATIENT! I am fully confident that the end result will be well worth the wait.

And on 9-10 July, I will attend the (Super Mega Show) in Secaucus, NJ. Adam West and Burt Ward will be there, and I will get to meet them in person! This is exciting, but I also know that there is personal responsibility involved here, too. I will provide some account of the event on this Web site.

Posted by catfan66ny at 12:14 PM EDT
Updated: 24 June 2005 12:17 PM EDT
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1 June 2005
Two weeks and counting ...
Mood:  celebratory
It's my 46th birthday, and it has been something else. There have been many things to take note of. Catwoman: Copycat and Batman Begins both debut two weeks from today. Fan films are really taking on a life of their own: CBC News announced that Walter Koenig, a cast member of the original Star Trek series, will star in a fan film of that series. This tells me that the public is interested in entertainment, but not necessarily what the big boys in this country want. Indeed, the future of TV and movies may not lie in Hollywood. Independent filmmakers such as Colin Blakeston may be the ones to lead the charge in the future. Definitely something to think about!

Posted by catfan66ny at 7:53 PM EDT
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19 May 2005
Frank Gorshin's passing
Mood:  sad
Frank Gorshin passed away day before yesterday in Burbank, CA, at age 71. I had the opportunity to see him perform in the one-man show Good Night, Gracie on 11 March, just two months before. Phenomenal performance! No matter what the situation was in his life, he certainly provided us with a lot of laughter and fun. He will indeed be missed! But it also indicates that none of the cast members of the 1966 Batman series is getting any younger. Several of the guest villains are already gone from us. Time is relentless. All I can say is that we should simply be thankful for the time we had with these people. And we should thank God for that!

Posted by catfan66ny at 8:32 AM EDT
Updated: 19 May 2005 8:34 AM EDT
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4 February 2005
The site continues to develop
The site keeps growing, as I use Macromedia Flash more. I need to work on the Gina Gershon appelet, because it is looping around, and it should not. Oh well ...

But it is coming along, and I hope all is well with everyone on this day.

Posted by catfan66ny at 4:30 PM EST
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25 November 2004
Gobble, gobble!! MEOW!!
Mood:  hungry
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone!! I moved this site to a new server, so that I can avoid the popups. Eventually, this will get its own domain. For now, it is on a new server.

Dinner today was excellent. I went to my brother's house, and sat near his two cats. At one point, they had a 2- to 3-second catfight. Nasty stuff!! But it was a great dinner, and I liked it very much! Now, I am tired out from this.

Things have changed in Gotham City, as a result of War Games. I have not read the newest Catwoman comic yet, but hope to do so soon. This is an interesting time in the Bat/Cat world indeed!

Posted by catfan66ny at 8:55 PM EST
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31 October 2004
Halloween tonight!
Mood:  happy
I devised a new template for the Web site over the weekend, and the English-language half of the site has it. I hope you like it.

While I do not observe Halloween for a variety of reasons, I did see a young girl dressed as Catwoman tonight. She had a black outfit, with the Halle Berry helmet on. It is nice to know that, even if the movie tanked, the character is so highly regarded. MEOW!!

Posted by catfan66ny at 9:43 PM EST
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25 September 2004
One month later
Today is Saturday, 25 September, and in another week, The Batman will air the Catwoman episode. I am curious to see how this will shape up. While this kitty looks much like the current version, she is still considered as one of Batman's adversaries. Contrast this with the current Catwoman, who is in the middle of "War Games," along with the other members of Gotham. An indication of how far Catwoman has come along in the last three years is the fact that, in the latest Catwoman comic, she is now wearing a wrist communicator to keep in touch with Oracle herself! The "War Games" story arc looks like another good one, and is spread out over many comic book titles, including Birds of Prey, Batman, Robin, Batgirl and, of course, Catwoman.

Posted by catfan66ny at 12:05 PM EDT
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