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Julie Newmar, in her first appearance as Catwoman, on the 1966 Batman series. This episode, “The Purr-fect Crime,” aired on Wednesday, 17 March 1966. A special THANK YOU to Scott Sebring for the episode stills.


The gallery of Catwomen
and other assorted personas

Catwoman came to life in the electronic media in 1966, when Julie Newmar made her first appearance on the Batman television series. This portion of the site will be a source of information on the ladies who have brought the Feline Fatale to life. And they are a distinctive lot, too.

This gallery will also salute at least a couple of other ladies who are not felines, but deserve a special mention here: DC Comics’ own Zatanna, and, from the 1966 Batman series, Molly, the villain played by Jill St. John.

Many pages have gone on line since this section of the site began. The page for Catfan Jolene Twomey is up today (19 September 2004), on Adam West’s birthday, and on the day before her own birthday.