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Michelle Pfeiffer

“Batman Returns” (1992)


I am Catwoman … hear me roar!

Michelle Pfeiffer makes her presence known as Catwoman in the movie, Batman Returns.

Born: 29 April 1958 in Santa Ana, CA

After almost a quarter century, Michelle Pfeiffer provided the first live-action portrayal of the Feline Fatale, and it was in the sequel to the 1989 film Batman. This version, unlike the 1966 movie, was more serious. It was a very dark film, and one that deviated from the comic character. Among the deviations: Selina Kyle's mother is still alive, and Catwoman kills one of the antagonists at the end of the movie.

Still, Michelle Pfeiffer's portrayal displayed many of Catwoman's qualities, better or worse. The character was approached with more sympathy, as her origins and relationship with Batman/Bruce Wayne are explored.

Ms. Pfeiffer’s career began in the late 1970s, and a major breakthrough was accomplished in 1983, when she played Al Pacino’s girlfriend in the movie Scarface. By the time she appeared in Batman Returns, she had appeared in many notable films. Her career continues at full speed as of this writing in late 2004.