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An image of the new Catwoman, courtesy of DC Comics.

Welcome to the site!

Many fan sites for Catwoman have been constructed over the Internet. Though this Web site may be redundant, it also represents my own statement on the Feline Fatale. This site may be a little more scholarly, but I was 6½ years old when I saw Batman debut on ABC on 12 January 1966. Not long after, in April, I would see my first Catwoman episode. She was a lot of fun to watch.

The interest waned, and I moved on to other things. I would see the series in reruns in 1981, and then on TV Land in 2002. By then, I decided to check out the comics, and found out that Catwoman had changed considerably. This piqued my interest, and I have been purchasing the comic ever since. Around this time, I became part of the 1966 Batman Messageboard, and learned quite a bit about the series—and the entertainment industry in general.

I have added much material since launching the site one month ago, on 14 August 2004. I added performers on to the site, and hope to put material on the comics soon. Enjoy!

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