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Albany's Catwoman, Sadie-Sha (pronounced sha-dee-sha) Turner, with the Webjefe. This photo was taken on 3 July 2004 at Earthword Comics, located on Central Avenue in Albany, NY. The occasion? Free Comic Book Day.

A visit to Albany

The Fourth of July weekend in 2004 was an interesting time. I had just purchased a 2004 Hyundai at Fuccillo Hyundai in Schenectady on Friday night, and stopped by Earthworld Comics. The store had just closed, but I saw a sign indicating that Catwoman would be present for Free Comic Book Day, scheduled for the following day.

So the following day, I drove down from Saratoga County to the store, and met the Feline Fatale. It represented one major highlight of what was an outstanding weekend!! Enjoy the photos!