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Lee Meriwether: As Catwoman No. 2 (above), and as her alter ego, Miss Kitka, in the 1966 Batman motion picture.

Lee Meriwether

Catwoman No. 2, in the movies, and also a role in the television series, too.


Born: 27 May 1935 in Los Angeles, CA

In the spring of 1966, a motion picture version of Batman was filmed, right after the first season of the television series ended production. Somehow, Julie Newmar was not available, so 30-year-old Lee Meriwether was cast as the second Catwoman.

Meriwether had already attracted national attention in 1954 when she was crowned Miss America 1955. Her career in the media thus began, and she soon acquired acting roles both on the small screen and the silver screen.

The actress would have the distinction of not only playing the Feline Fatale in Batman, but would also play a supporting role of another kind, in a second season episode of the series. She played Lisa Carson in the episode, King Tut’s Coup/Batman’s Waterloo," on 8-9 March 1967. The end of the episode is marked by one of the few times Bruce Wayne locks lips with a lady.

Meriwether has continued her acting career, most notably as the female lead in the detective series Barnaby Jones (1973-80), and—currently—in the long-running ABC soap opera, All My Children.