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Lesley Gore

Played Pussycat in early 1967

Lesley Gore as Pussycat
Lesley Gore, as Pussycat, performs “California Nights” in the episode, “That Darn Catwoman,” which aired on 19 January 1967. This song was her last MAJOR Top 40 hit on the radio. Thanks to Scott Sebring for the captures.

Born: 2 May 1946 in New York City

This performer had already established herself as a pop singer for some time before she appeared on the Batman television series, thanks to her uncle, series producer Howie Horowitz. Gore was discovered by Quincy Jones in 1963, and had a No. 1 hit that year with the song, “It’s My Party.” She followed that song with some other hits, such as “You Don’t Know Me.”

Gore began acting in 1965. By the time she appeared on Batman, her pop career seemed to be in the past. By then, she was attending college. She had one other pop hit that year, “Brink of Disaster.” However, “California Nights” is a memorable hit for the singer, and her role as Pussycat is an equally memorable role in the series.

Gore remains busy as a performer, having sung in such venues as the Landmark Theatre in Syracuse, New York. She has her own Web site: LESLEY GORE.

Another view

Here’s another view of the Feline Fatale’s assistant, performing “California Nights.” She is certainly wearing a pretty outfit, eh?