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Ms. Newmar, in her premiere appearance as the Feline Fatale, in the Batman series. The episode? “The Purr-fect Crime," which first aired on Wednesday, 17 March 1966.

The 1966 Batman series’ first and second seasons (1966-67)


Born: 16 August 1933 in Los Angeles, CA


Catwoman’s very first appearance in the 1960s was not in the comics, but on the Batman live-action series, on 17-18 March 1966. By this time, Julie Newmar was a veteran of both movies and television series.

A native of Los Angeles, the actress started her career in 1952 in an uncredited role; two years later, she appeared in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers. Her television work started in 1960; that would include a memorable role in The Twilight Zone, and a starring role in the CBS series My Living Doll (1964-65).

However, the role of Catwoman would end up being the role she would be known for. More than anything else, Newmar brought the Feline Fatale to life, much the same as Adam West would do for Batman. Indeed, she (along with Jill St. John’s Molly) brought a certain sexual tension to the series.

Ms. Newmar did not appear in the 1966 Batman movie, and she did not appear in the series’ third season. By then, she was filming Mackenna’s Gold. She continued her work into the 1970s and 1980s. Her most recent appearance, other than comic conventions, was in the 2003 special Return to the Batcave.